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Sikeston Bootheel Rodeo

Fan Favorites

The Best of the BEST in Rodeo Entertainment

The Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo is a Top 40 Rodeo and proud to host the best of the best in entertainers, including the PRCA pickup men, bullfighters, cowboys and cowgirls, rodeo announcers, musical entertainment and more. We can’t wait for you to see them yourselves!

Cody Webster

Cody Webster is a champion bullfighter and a Sikeston favorite. Cody’s dedication to tradition has earned him the distinction of being one of the greatest bullfighters of our time. Cody has always been familiar with the rodeo community. Growing up, he studied bullfighters’ movements and practiced his bullfighting ways outside. There was no doubt that bullfighting was his calling.

At ten years old, Cody knocked at the door of Professional Bull Riders (PBR) legend, Frank Newsom, wanting to learn how to bullfight. Frank trained Cody for years, sharing lessons of the cowboy way inside and outside the arena. This mentorship assisted Cody in becoming the youngest bullfighter to earn the proud role of protecting cowboys at the National Finals Rodeo (NFR). Cody’s hard work and dedication have led him to be named Bullfighter of the Year in 2020, 2021, and 2023.


Chuck Swisher

Chuck Swisher started his interest in the industry at age 15 in Dover, Oklahoma. Growing up with a bull rider for a father, he thought he would follow in his footsteps. His parents assisted him in the process, got all the gear needed, and at the last minute, Chuck backed out. Bull riding wasn’t his thing, but looking the bull right in the eye was what he set his sights on.

Chuck then went to bullfighting school to learn the basics and started bullfighting at junior high rodeos, then high school, college, and then open rodeos. Chuck then got his PRCA card at the age of 21. He went to plenty of rodeos during his rookie year, then got the call to work the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) in Vegas. Not everyone can do this job, but Chuck can’t imagine a different career path.


Justin Rumford

Justin Rumford, a Rodeo Clown sensation, entered the rodeo business at age six and never left. Justin Rumford is a third-generation rodeo cowboy and one of the top barrelmen in the PRCA. Before becoming a clown, Rumford competed successfully at the college and professional levels. His career shifted when a clown could not make it last minute in Pretty Prairie, Kansas, so he stepped in. Justin loved it so much that in 2011 he decided to pursue being a rodeo clown full-time. Since then, he has won many awards, including ten-time PRCA Clown of the Year.


Anthony Lucia

From Weatherford, Texas, Anthony Lucia grew up traveling and working alongside his dad, ProRodeo Hall of Famer Tommy Lucia. Since Anthony was around rodeos at a very young age, he picked up trick roping when he was nine years old, and soon after he learned to team rope. Because of his fascination with team roping, he would wait around during Slack and ask every contestant if they needed their steer shoved. He mentioned in an interview, “I would just hang out there, and yeah I’d be covered in cow crap, but I got to push their steers and got to feel like I was a part of their team.”

His dedication paid off. Anthony was nominated into the top five of the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) Specialty Act of the Year 2011–2013 and performed at the WNFR (Wrangler National Finals Rodeo) 2010–2013. While winning such honors, Anthony also continued working on his announcing skills, working amateur rodeos and earning his PRCA announcer’s card in 2011.

Because of his previous team roping competition experience, Anthony has an insight into understanding what competitors in these events go through to prepare for the competition and what it takes to be on the leaderboard. Most recently, Lucia was named 2023 PRCA Announcer of the Year.


Binion Cervi

Working closely with the Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo committee, Binion has helped us grow rodeo fans and ratings. The Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo has relied on the great management and grade-A stock provided by Cervi Championship Rodeo. The key to his success in growth and popularity is entertainment. Being a former trick rider himself, Binion understands how to grab the audience’s attention with adrenaline-pumping openings and perfectly-timed performances to bring it all together.


Chase Cervi

Named NFR pickup man seven times and voted Pickup Man of the Year twice, PRCA cowboys recognize that Chase has a hand at getting to riders quickly and helping them down safely. Chase ensures that all of Cervi’s Champion Rodeo stock is treated with the best care possible in and out of the arena. 


Josh “Hambone” Hilton

Born and raised around rodeo in the tiny village of Sidney, Iowa, Josh “Hambone” Hilton takes his life experiences and puts them into his work. Growing up, Hilton, his dad, and his brother all were involved in rodeoing. Because of his rodeo past, Hilton is much more than just a music director, he is overlooking the entire production of the rodeo making sure everything falls into place perfectly. Hilton began his career in radio being an on-air personality learning how to edit music. From there, he was invited to work with Cervi Championship Rodeo, which was the spur of his rodeo career.  

Hilton’s arsenal of sounds, gadgets, and music has made an impact earning him a spot at the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) as the only other person in 22 years to hold the position of Music Director for the NFR. Along with that honor, Hilton was most recently named the 2023 Music Director of the Year making him a three-time winner of the award. 


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